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Exporting clips with synchronized text and exhibits

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  • Exporting clips with synchronized text and exhibits

    Help - I have exported a clip. However, once exported, my synchronized scrolling text and exhibits do not show up. How do I export a clip that shows the synchronized text and exhibits?

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    Thanks for using Ipro Community.

    If you are looking to get scrolling text on a clip that was exported outside of TrialDirector 360 (such as a standard movie file that's played in Windows Media Player or VLC) this option is not available at the moment. Ipro is looking to release an update to TrialDirector 360 / Ipro for Desktop at a point in the future that will include the ability to export captions so they play on video outside of TrialDirector 360. For now, videos will export with the available settings but they wont have captions. There is no release date on the update at this time.

    As for exporting of exhibits, these are able to be synchronized and shown within TrialDirector 360, however, there has never been an option to export synchronized exhibits so they also appear in the video. The PRESENT / Presentation module in TrialDirector 360 is better suited for this workflow.

    If you would like to see the option to export exhibits into deposition clips, please submit a Feature Request at the link below:

    Submit a Feature Request
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