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TD 360 vs. Trial Director ?? Opinions ??

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  • TD 360 vs. Trial Director ?? Opinions ??

    I am really having issues with Trial Director and don't want to continue to throw $$ at iPro without some sort of benefit.
    Those that have been using Trial Director and have switched to 360, what are your experiences ?

    I not only have 2 main powerhouse laptops but a few smaller laptops that I use in trial. I like the idea of sync between systems. It's done already through services like dropbox already for use in other applications, and I use it to quickly backup CMS and PacknGo to redundant systems.

    How has 360 performed in the courtroom with massive docs & many video depos ??

    Thanks for any info,

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    Great question. We've linked a TrialDirector 360 vs TrialDirector 6 Comparison below. While both have their plus and minuses, TrialDirector 360 would be a better choice due to...

    - Continued support within Windows 10 and modern OS'es.

    - TrialDirector 360 is a 64-bit application. TrialDirector 6 is a 32-bit application. From a performance standpoint, 64-bit apps perform faster.

    - TrialDirector 6 uses older components - some older than 15 years. Microsoft and other vendors have discontinued support for these components as early as 2020. TrialDirector 6 may continue to work on Windows 10 but this may be based on the state of your Windows 10 OS and it's currently installed updates. Microsoft will discontinue support of Windows 7 in January 2020.

    Also, if you feel that TrialDirector 360 might be a good fit for your firm, please contact You may be eligible for an test-drive / evaluation of TrialDirector 360.

    Click the link below....

    Edit: Sorry about that - looks like the file didn't attach properly. Let's use a different link.

    Password is:

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    Not a big fan. Have not been able to get it to work. Constant issues with synch. We had an issue where we were set to use Trial Director 360 for a mock trial. Tried to run it in presentation mode and it crashed 4 days before the mock was ready to start. User documentation is not great. Differing specs. Ultimately had to go out and buy a gaming laptop with a 6gb dedicated video card. Have two major trials coming up in March and April. Fingers crossed.