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Moving Segments in TrialDirector 360

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  • Moving Segments in TrialDirector 360

    I'm working in TD 360 and have a clip with a bunch of segments and need to add one more, but I'd like it to be the second segment, not last. Is there a way to move it? Every time I try to drag it up, I get a red "no" symbol on my cursor.
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    I've tried to do this as well, like you could in TD6. It appears to not be a function in 360 and you have to manually use the "move segment up" button. And add the pages. 360 is missing the functionality to update individual segments....


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      Bronsonp is correct. While there appears to be a way to drag segments in-between other segments (notated by the line) there is a circle-slash regardless of positioning in the explorer. While this could be accomplished in TD6, some of the positioning is difficult based on font sizing within Windows.

      There is already a feature request for this functionality to return in TD360. (Unfortunately there's no ETA on when / if this functionality will be available)

      For now you'll need to use the Move Segment Up / Down buttons within the Clip Work Area > Segments panel of TrialDirector 360 Clips tab. Thanks for your feedback.
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        Chris, Is there a way to move or delete multiple segments from a clip? If not, this needs to be added, please.


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          Yes. In Evidence, from the Clips tab, expand your clip then shift click or ctrl click the segments you'd like to remove. From here, right-click that selection and choose "Remove Segment" You will get a popup confirming the removal. Press OK and the segment(s) should remove.

          If you'd like to raise a feature request in the future, please use the link found below. You may need to login with your Ipro account.

          Click here to raise a feature request...
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            Strange, I've tried this but it doesn't let me select multiple segments. Worked fine in TD6.


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              We've deployed a production install of TrialDirector 360 to a few systems here and tested segments being removed from within clips. This seems to work fine on the latest release of TrialDirector 360. Sometimes we see users trying to remove segments from under the Transcripts tab. This won't work - has to be under the clips tab and under the clip in question.

              If you are following the above steps and it's still not working for you, we'd suggest creating a support ticket so we can troubleshoot further.
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