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Object Reference Error When Importing A Case

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  • Object Reference Error When Importing A Case

    I exported a case to import to a second pc and upon import it fails. The log reads:
    CaseManagement.BAL.CaseImport.CaseImportHelper: Error updating imported case because : Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

    I am able to export and import other cases between the two computers, its just this one case (so far) that is failing to import. The case opens and works fine in the original PC. any ideas/solutions? thanks

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    Was the case that you are having problems with created on a TrialDirector 360 version prior to 2019?


    • donzoes
      donzoes commented
      Editing a comment
      Nope. I am using version 2019.1.1.

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    @ donzoes

    Thanks for the reply. Just need some clarification here - your version of TrialDirector 360 reads 2019.1.1 but the case in question (even though other cases work) was the case in question composed or created before you updated to 2019.1.1? This information would help us a little more.

    The situation may require us to examine your data a little closer. You are welcome to create a support ticket so we can facilitate this request.

    Choose "Submit a Ticket"
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      The case was created after I updated to 2019.1.1. I am just wondering how an error like that can occur, and why the case still works on the original machine. I will look into submitting a support ticket.