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Turn off scrolling text when playing clips

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  • Turn off scrolling text when playing clips

    How to do?

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    In TrialDirector 360, this can be done a few ways.

    1. Using the Hotkeys.
    You'll need to load a video in Presentation. It can be playing or paused but a video does need to be loaded into any zone. Press and hold the left CTRL button on your keyboard then press TAB. (CTRL + TAB) Using the CTRL + TAB key combination, you can cycle through the scrolling text options. When it lands on the one you want, release the buttons and the video will briefly dismiss then return with the desired scrolling set.

    2. Using the -CC command.
    Here, you'll also need the video to be paused or playing. Click anywhere in the black background of Presentation and type "-cc" or "-CC" then press the enter button. You'll see what's being typed in the bottom right of your Presentation screen. If you type "-cc" again it will cycle through some of the defaults but ultimately you'll only be able to cycle through on/off of the closed captioning option in Presentation Preferences if you decide to turn scrolling text back on so be aware of that.

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