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  • Save and Load Stages

    As you work in PRESENT loading exhibits into zones and using tools as needed, your work area serves as a stage that shows jurors everything you do. Setting up this stage and saving it prior to your courtroom presentation can prevent mistakes and save time. Unlike Screen Snapshots, this feature saves the layout of the actual exhibits. Simply load a saved stage and begin playing video, page through a transcript, or do anything else you would normally do in your presentation.

    You can save as many stages as needed and load the stage you need at the right time from a list in PRESENT. This feature also comes in handy when your presentation is interrupted. For example, if court breaks for lunch, use Save Stage so that you can quickly return to where you left off when court resumes.

    To save a stage using the toolbar button:

    Load, position, and annotate your exhibits and/or other items in Presentation mode.

    From the Application Tools, click the Save Stage button.

    The stage is automatically saved to a SaveStage folder in the location where the case is saved. Each saved stage is assigned a name with a prefix and the next number in the sequence (i.e. SaveStage-000001, SaveStage-000002, etc.) You can set the prefix in Presentation Preferences > Tools and you can rename the folder in Windows Explorer if needed.

    To save and assign an ID to a stage using the command

    Load, position, and annotate your exhibits and/or other items in Presentation mode.

    Type -SA followed by the ID, and press ENTER.
    For example, -SA EXH0034

    To load a saved stage:

    Use the Navigation Tools to select the SaveStage folder.

    Select the stage you want to load, and then click the green button.

    Note: If you load a saved stage and display it on a screen with a different display aspect ratio (such as a projector in the courtroom), you may notice some visual differences. Although this has been minimized, we recommend you view it on the alternate display prior to a live presentation.

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    Is there a way to rename saved stages.


    • #3 If you right-click on the save stage within the workbooks explorer and select "Properties", you can rename it.


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        Thanks, although I am aware that I can rename them from there, I am trying to do something a little differently. I want to be able to look at the Saved Stage and see what Exhibit it actually is (right now they are simply saved sequentially) So I need to look at the Saved Stage that may be named SS0001, see that it is a variation of Exhibit 9 and rename the Saved Stages something like S19.1. I don't see that I can see the saved stage in the workbook browser, meaning I can see the name but can't preview the actual stage and I don't see that I can rename the saved stage in presentation mode, which appears to be the only place where I can view the saved stage. Am I missing something?


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          Thanks for clarifying. TrialDirector 360 SaveStages are composed in the same way that they were composed in TrialDirector 6. The SaveStage is a collection of item coordinates placed in Presentation. On the back-end, those coordinates, items and annotations are just a database entry for this in the SQL Database (not accessible by the user) so if the intent is to get a preview of the SaveStage, it's not possible because there was no physical image generated for it.

          Some of the workflows we've seen substituted for this was to first, create the SaveStage and then create a SnapShot / Screengrab right afterwards. Obviously you'd want to name it similar but it would have to be unique enough to avoid duplicates. The workflow afterwards would be to compare the associated SnapShots in Evidence and in Present you'd deploy the SaveStages. There was also a discussion about applying exhibits to a SaveStage but due to how complex a SaveStage can be (with multiple exhibits composed in a single stage) there's bound to be multiple labels / exhibits and other identifiers that can conflict with the "SaveStage Exhibit Label". The better option would be a Snapshot if this is the desired workflow.

          It could be better. We've had a feature request submitted to generate a SnapShot to auto-associate to the SaveStage or at the very least a preview image. A preview of the SaveStage might be available in a future release.
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