Issue: Launch problems persist even after updating to TimelineXpress - 2019 version

If you are in maintenance and would like Ipro Support to assist with this process, please setup a support ticket by clicking HERE.
If you are out of maintenance, you can still setup a support ticket but troubleshooting will only proceed over the support ticket - not by phone.

- Ipro Support has sent you the TimelineXpress installer, version 4.7.1802.2019
- You've installed this update and everything looks like it installed properly, however, the program still doesn't launch.
- What causes this? Different environments and security / OS level issues may keep the software from updating properly.

This requires some advanced troubleshooting, follow the steps below to resolve.

(These steps will NOT delete your TimelineXpress timelines or personal data)

1. Uninstall TimelineXpress and any other lines of TimelineXpress that show up in your Programs / Features within Control Panel.

2. After uninstalling, navigate to the following directories...

(you may need to turn on hidden files / folders or be an admin on your computer to do this)

- C:\Program Files (x86)\inData\TimelineXpress (Delete this folder if it exists)

- C:\ProgramData\inData\Downloaded Installations (Delete this folder if it exists)

- C:\Users\(currently logged on user)\AppData\Local\inData Shared Components (Delete this folder if it exists)

- C:\Users\(currently logged on user)\AppData\Local\inData TimelineXpress (Delete this folder if it exists)

- C:\Users\(currently logged on user)\AppData\Local\IsolatedStorage (Delete this folder if it exists)

- C:\Users\(currently logged on user)\AppData\Local\TimelineXpress (Delete this folder if it exists)

3. After deleting the directories above, restart your computer.

4. Locate the TimelineXpress installer that was sent to you previously.
Right click on the installer and choose "Run as Administrator"

5. Install the product as normal, following the dialogs as needed (next, next, etc.)

6. Restart your computer again and test to see that the product launches.

The steps outlined above will target launch issues. If you are having a different issue with TimelineXpress, the above steps may or may not address that issue. Some of the steps above may require you to get with your IT Group. Please engage with your IT Group before following up with Ipro Support. We don't have the ability to change permissions or other security parameters within your environment. You are welcome to include your IT Group in any correspondence with Ipro and we will coordinate towards a solution.