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No Video - TimelineXpress - NVidia 64-Bit Video Driver issue

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  • No Video - TimelineXpress - NVidia 64-Bit Video Driver issue

    No Video - TimelineXpress - NVidia 64-Bit Video Driver issue

    While using TimelineXpress - users may notice that no video is ever displayed if a Video or Video related item is linked in the Link To field. While TimelineXpress uses the native video playback engine, this may also be affected by environment. This happens regardless of the video used. This may happen with MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 (MP4), AVI, WMV, etc. This may also affect TimeCoder Pro 6 Video Display Window and TrialDirector 6 video playback components if that's part of the users workflow with TimelineXpress.

    If your workflow includes TrialDirector 6, this does not currently affect Presentation Preview or Presentation Mode. This issue also does not affect any audio tied to the video. Audio will play if the users audio drivers / codecs have no issues.

    This issue is directly tied to NVidia's decision to force 64-bit Video Drivers only for all Game Ready NVidia Video Cards as of April 2018. If users have a computer system with Windows 7, Windows 8 / 8.1 or Windows 10 - and the computers Video Card falls within the range that NVidia specified, the Video Card may silently update in the background without the user ever knowing it. Again, this was a decision made by NVidia. Ipro and Microsoft still support 32-bit codecs and drivers. NVidia does not.

    Be advised, this was a decision announced by NVidia last year and affects the entire software community - not just Ipro software. This also affects Microsoft 32-bit software as NVidia is forcing 64-bit codecs to be used within older software that was never built to accommodate 64-bit codecs.

    Please note that Ipro Technical Support cannot help you perform any of these actions.

    -------Rolling back to a previous NVidia driver is one solution. Found in Windows Device Manager - If a user's system has auto-updated to a NVidia driver that's dated past April 2018, there should be an option (within Microsoft Windows Device Manager) to roll back the driver. The user would need to pull up the properties of their Display Adapter > go to the Driver tab and check to see if a Roll Back Driver button is accessible. If so (and the driver rolls back to before April 2018) this may resolve the issue after a roll-back and reboot. CAUTION: Ensure all your personal data on the computer is backed up before performing any driver roll-back. Ipro is not responsible for any client data or decision to roll-back. Not all drivers are eligible for roll-back to before April 2018 (NVidia ensured this) so this only applies to some computer systems.

    -------Another solution is to use a computer that doesn't have an NVidia Graphics Card to begin with. Other computers may have an AMD / ATI Video card. These hardware configurations are not affected by NVidia's decision to force 64-bit codecs because they are configured with completely different hardware. Other users may choose to use an Intel HD Video card but be advised that these video cards typically won't meet hardware specifications for the courtroom - especially if you move from TimelineXpress to TrialDirector 6. Video should still be available on Intel HD Video cards though... Ipro wouldn't recommend using Intel HD configurations in the courtroom as they count for low-end specs.

    -------A third option, using a 32-bit version of Windows 7, 8, or 10 ensures that your computer already uses a Video Card that can accommodate 32-bit drivers. This would only be a good solution for computers that have been manufactured in 2016 / 2017. Any computers manufactured beyond 2017 may not have the ability to use 32-bit drivers so keep this in mind. This is a suitable solution for NVidia and ATI/AMD drivers. Intel HD drivers would also apply but we'll re-iterate that they don't meet spec. for the courtroom.

    -------Finally, if your TimelineXpress media ends up being used in TrialDirector 6, be advised that this only affects the Transcript Manager playback window and the Media Tab window. If the video has audio associated with it, users can cut the video like they would normally without even using the video stream. (as some workflows are performed without the video anyways). Cutting the video using this method should have no impact on how it's displayed in TrialDirector's Presentation. Video should work fine in Presentation as this is not currently affected by NVidia's decision.

    -------NVidia has removed some pre-April 2018 drivers from their database search, meaning, that users can't get them direct from NVidia anymore for some video card chip-sets. We've heard of users applying older NVidia drivers from 3rd-party websites. While this is a solution, it's not something that Ipro can recommend as the drivers weren't obtained from the manufacturer. Users would do this at their own risk.

    NVidia made a statement about this change in April of 2018. See below for reference:

    Please contact Ipro support if you have any further questions about this topic.

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