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TimelineXpress FAQs

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  • TimelineXpress FAQs

    How do I view a timeline without the TimelineXpress program?

    The timeline can be saved as an image file, such as .jpg or .gif, which can then be viewed without the TimelineXpress application. To save a timeline as an image file, go to the File menu, then select export to image file, then select a file type. The available file types are .PDF, .JPG, .TIF, and .BMP. You can also save a timeline as an HTML file, however, without TimelineXpress, you will not be able to edit the timeline.

    How do I import fields from third part programs (such as Excel or Word)?

    The text file used for import into TimelineXpress must be a comma separated, quote delimited text file with a header row. The header row must contain a "Date" field, some type of caption field and some type of description field.

    How do I copy timelines and events to another computer?

    In order to preserve all of the timeline features, a duplicate of the timeline folder must be created on the second computer. This folder must contain copies of all attached item files. The .tlf file needs to be at the same level as the folder containing the attached items, NOT inside the items folder. TimeLineXpress will look first for a folder of the same name in the same location for the attached events.

    How do I print events or an entire timeline?

    By going to the File menu and selecting Print, you can choose how many pages the printing takes up, you can also choose to print only the current section of the timeline, or print the entire timeline. You can also choose the orientation of the timeline on the printed page, and you can change the size of the page and preview it before printing.