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TCP won't launch

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  • TCP won't launch

    I am receiving an error of (0xD0000018) and to contact the publisher for more information when I try to launch the application. It is not computer specific. Is there an update or something else I need? Thanks!

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    Disregard....unless there is an explanation of why it will launch from a desktop shortcut. Wasn't launching from the start menu.


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      Understood. Uninstall\Reinstall\Updates for older legacy apps such as TimeCoder may post correctly within the install but shortcuts may sometimes not get updated and point to non-existent on non-relevant back-end files. If you run into further issues with this, we'd advise following the steps in the below article (emphasis on uninstall, delete install folder, delete shortcut, reboot, reinstall)

      Your TimeCoder Pro 6 version should also read 6.8.2069.2019 within the Add/Remove/Uninstall a program panel. Please create a support ticket if you are needing the latest installer.
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        Thank you. Might explain why my workaround worked on my tower but not on my laptop. Thx again.