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transcript includes portion not on video - when I synced it I can get it to play where they came back on record - sync is off

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  • transcript includes portion not on video - when I synced it I can get it to play where they came back on record - sync is off

    I just spent all day processing video and then syncing the transcript and the video. However, the transcript has portions included where they were off the video record talking to the judge. So I synced it with that text in the transcript. All is fine until you get to where the video does not match up due to the "judge's conference" being in the transcript but not on the video. Can I fix that somehow, or was I supposed to delete those portions from the transcript before I synced it. Please tell me I don't have to start over with my syncing! Thank you.

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    Glenda D

    Thanks for using Ipro Community.

    This is a common question. If you are certain that we have "off the record" text or non-testimony within the transcript, the text in question will have to be marked as unspoken before syncing. Here are the suggested steps.

    1. If you synced the depo already, you will need to re-sync in this scenario. Contact to request a refund on the depo. You should provide your serial number that begins with TCP6 and the name of the depo or ID if you have it.

    2. This next step is up to you. Users will either wait for the transcript to be credited back or if they have funds to cover a re-sync, they can get started on the re-sync process.

    3. Re-sync process - you will need to open TimeCoder and ensure no Transcripts are open. Go to File > Close Digital Video Transcript. The bottom portion of TimeCoder Pro 6 should have nothing showing except a gray screen.

    4. Remove the depo in question. Go to File > Remove Digital Video Transcript and from the list, choose the depo that did not sync properly. Then press the Remove button to finalize removal.

    5. Bring in your depo again, as if you are bringing it in for the first time. File > Create New Digital Video Transcript. We assume the defaults will be used. Adjust Starting Page if needed.

    6. To link your video, go to Multimedia then Multimedia Manager. Add your video. Once the video is linked, play the video for a few seconds to confirm that you can hear it in TimeCoder (audio is more important here, you need to hear the audio)

    7. This next part is critical. Do not sync just yet.. we will need to pre-treat the transcript before it's synced. Press the Q/C button at the top of TimeCoder.

    8. The transcript will be broken into lines and color-coded. Most of what we will see here is gray/white or orange/red lines (for the example we will call them gray or red lines)

    9. Scroll within the transcript and find the areas that you mention (with the judge) You will need to mark these as unspoken if there's no audio for those areas. These lines might be all red or partially red. The idea here is to find where the conversation starts and click on the beginning line. Press X on your keyboard. It will look like nothing happened. Click the line below it and you will see that you flagged that line from RED to GRAY. The gray lines indicate where TimeCoder will ignore timecoding. If these lines are excessive, you may have to press X on all lines that fit the description in your post. Most users will press X then down arrow on their keyboard to cover an entire conversation - assuming there was no audio for the conversation in question. For the example you gave, the conversation with the judge should be GRAY when you are done.

    10. If you know of all areas in the transcript where the side-bar or conversation with the judge happened, mark these areas as unspoken. Before syncing, your transcript may be a mixture of red and gray lines due to this scenario but that's ok as long as the lines are pre-treated. Once the above is in place, run your sync like you would normally. TimeCoder will ignore those gray lines and apply timecodes to just the red areas. The logic in TimeCoder is set to look at the entire body of the transcript as spoken with audio present but users will have to accommodate and mark unspoken for situations like these. Please reply to this post if you have any other questions.
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