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Working With Redacted Transcripts

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  • Working With Redacted Transcripts

    Went through a few YouTube videos and did a general search in the directions of TimeCoderPro 6 but was wondering if anyone knew the following:

    I need to produce a redacted transcript which was videotaped. The transcript has had a word redacted but obviously the video will still have the person saying the word that was redacted. Does anyone have any suggestions/ideas how to 'redact' a part in the video itself in TimeCoderPro 6 or does that require different software?

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Hi there,

    If your transcript already has redactions applied before any sync can be done with the videotape and the transcript, the audio will need to be edited to stay mute within a separate video editing software.

    However, if this transcript is being redacted after the sync has been performed, and you have TrialDirector software, you can create clips around the redacted part of the transcript for the purpose of your presentation.

    Hope this helps!


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      Very much appreciated, that makes a lot of sense!

      Thanks for the help and hope you're staying safe and healthy!