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Modifying an Already Synchronized Transcript

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  • Modifying an Already Synchronized Transcript

    Please Note we would recommend to receive approval from the court prior to making changes to any transcripts.
    Ipro strongly advises against modifying any transcripts - this includes body, typos, accents, header information and anything else. Please see your court reporter to receive a corrected, re-certified copy. This will avoid any potential issues within the litigation life-cycle.
    1. Open TimeCoder Pro.
    2. Open the transcript that needs changes.
    3. Once the transcript is opened in TimeCoder Pro, you can then use the File Menu → Export To → ASCII Transcript (*.txt).
    4. Choose a location to export to and then select the option to "Export with timecodes" and to "Include milliseconds"
    5. Once exported, make the changes required to the transcript and save the transcript.
    6. I would then recommend to remove the transcript from TimeCoder Pro so it is not confusing. (Optional).
    7. Then use the File Menu → Create a New Digital Video Transcript.
    8. Browse out to the modified or corrected transcript.
    9. You will then get a screen that states "You may optionally preserve the printed timecodes found within the original transcript"
    10. On this screen click the box to 'Preserve original printed timecodes".
    11. You will then need to click 'Add' and select the video(s) associated with the original sync job.
    12. Once the DVT has been created you can then re-export out without the need to re-sync the job.

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