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  • 1 .mp4 File or Multiple .mp4 Files

    For all of my videos that I sync for TD use, I will typically just make 1 large .mp4 of the entire deposition. Some of these videos range from an hour long to 12 hours long. My question is, should I be making 1 big file? Or should I be making multiple files? I'm only asking because I get a lot of synced videos from all over the world and I notice most people make multiple files of their synced videos. Thanks!

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    Thanks for using Ipro Community.

    A large media file or in this case (what it sounds like) a combined file of all the individual MP4's shot over the depo should be ok. It requires a bit more post-processing time but that's actually preferred because it doesn't put strain on hardware switching media streams. If there's some concern on media file limitations - when Synchronizing the deposition via TimeCoder Pro 6 the limit is 10 media files total. To be safe we'd aim for no more than 8 media files.

    Back to the large media file - the assumption is that large MP4 can be handled in all environments. If this is a 1980 x 1080 resolution MP4 and it's going to be shown in the courtroom, the destination computer that will be hosting / presenting TrialDirector and the MP4 should have it's own dedicated video card. Video Card memory should be 4GB or more. If the computer doesn't meet spec, you can still have the combined video file but we would suggest encoding it down to a smaller size such as 720 x 480 DVD resolution or 352 x 240 for low-spec systems.
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