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Vendor Information and special characters

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  • Vendor Information and special characters

    I'm trying to get our vendor information to display correctly. It has never done so. The problem is we have an & in our name. The & does not show up. Is there any kind of escape character that will make it so the ampersand will display?


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    Hi, thanks for using Ipro Community.

    Usually you can edit the XML on backend but we'd prefer you edit directly from the UI that is provided to user before burning to DVD or making a DepoView Volume. After making your edit on backend you will have to close / relaunch TimeCoder and DepoView. If you are making the edit to your vendor information within the UI you'll have to type what you'd like then press Enter.

    Because this code is legacy, you'll need to add two Ampersands to get this to show in the help menu, like shown below:


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      We're doing a DepoView volume. The Vendor.dat has the correct information, just the ampersand will not show up when you click on the help menu in DepoView. Looks like every other character will, but not the ampersand.


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        As stated above, doubling up the Ampersand will work. If you need the vendor locations they are here:

        If using Windows 10 the vendor data for DVD's will be in:


        If this is for a DepoView Volume (not a DVD) you'll look here

        C:\ProgramData\inData\TimeCoder Pro 6\DepoView

        Editing Vendor Data is done at your own risk.
        Can't see pictures? You might have to register or login.


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          That did it. Thank you very much.

          Moderator's note - this was initially posted by user patrickr but a technical issue broke the initial topic, so we needed to delete and recreate it.