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  • 0% (Not Charged) Autosync Scores

    Hi Team,

    We are experiencing several different digital media transcripts returning back from autosync with failed 0% scores. All of the media files are different but all conform to the white page audio standard prescribed by your team.
    In the past, it seemed as though the 0% scores were due to non-confirming audio tracks but this doesn't seem to be the case here.

    Additionally, the transcript formatting seems to be correct as well.

    We've never really found a solution for this when they infrequently pop up and generally manually synchronize the project line by line when this happens. But this is a big resource sink for our team...

    Any pointers?

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    Thanks for using Ipro Community

    This depends on a few factors...

    1. TimeCoder needs to be able to decode the audio. (TimeCoder never looks at the video) If you or I play the audio in Windows Media Player or another 3rd party program, codecs are held within each of those programs that can render the audio properly (most of the time) so we can usually make out the audio if listening via headset or speaker. This is different for TimeCoder though as it listens on a different frequency and may "hear" the audio either as scratchy noise or underwater - especially if you are getting a 0% score. Bad audio or scratchy audio = low% or 0% sync. TimeCoder will attempt to use whatever codecs are the highest priority in the system. TimeCoder does not hijack codecs like other 3rd parties as codec hijacking eventually forces a user into a re-image of their system. Some codecs just can't be un-registered. You can try ripping the audio as MP3 or we've even seen firms go to the extreme and capture the audio using a 3rd party program. This almost always guarantees clean audio. If TimeCoder is competing with bad mic placement or deponents adjusting their mic without the videographer's knowledge, TimeCoder can't sync against this. Other factors include high-pitched frequency, loud AC / equipment, and other factors. Translated depos might work but we recommend manual syncing those. We'd also suggest that speakerphone / webcam audio be manually synced.

    2. Another issue can be transcript formatting. We assume that if you open up the transcript (in Windows Notepad) and scroll about halfway into the transcript, there are no preexisting time of day stamps in the left or right hand column. If so, the court reporter needs to strip these out. Not the most common cause of 0% score but it does happen. We can't stress enough to open this in Windows Notepad only. Don't use Windows WordPad, Microsoft Word, TextPad, etc. as these programs may automatically format them to what you want to see - disguising the issue. Also, if the transcript was composed within a Apple MacOS, the text is most likely saved with UNIX formatting. The court reporter will need to distribute this to you as PC formatted. For Transcript formatting, other takeaways: Consistent page / line numbers. 25 lines per page is the norm but 23 lines per page is not unheard of as long as it's consistent across the entire transcript. Some firms like to put their entire company name, address, phone number, etc. at the bottom / top of each transcript page. This is chaos for a sync program. It's OK to have that on a digital copy (like a PDF) but don't include it on a transcript that's ingested for sync.

    3. The best way we've found to troubleshoot this? Try a known working sync that scored 98% / 99% within the past few days. If that scored OK a few days ago but kicks back a 0% or a low score, then something changed in the environment. If you notice consistent 0%'s on syncs that did work OK initially then you should try the sync on a different computer OR contact our support team to perform a factory reinstall of TimeCoder Pro 6 on the problem computer. If you test a few syncs and they do get charged as a successful sync, contact to have these refunded under the reason of troubleshooting.

    Here's the links for the TimeCoder Pro 6 Stacy King Sample Data:

    If you are using Windows 7, you may use MPEG-1 / MPEG-2 - use the link below:

    Install the sample data like any other program and the Stacy King depo included with TimeCoder will be available to sync.

    If you are using Windows 8 or Windows 10, Microsoft may require MPEG-4 / MP4. Use this link instead:
    Password = ipro-timecoder!

    Download and unzip this file. From within, Create a new Digital Video Transcript then choose the Import Folder then bring in the text file. Link the media and then run the sync to test. This should score between 95% and 99%.
    Can't see pictures? You might have to register or login.