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DepoView DVD Export FAQs

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  • DepoView DVD Export FAQs

    How can I avoid a lengthy transcoding process when my DepoView DVD is created?

    Use multimedia assets encoded with the proper attributes to ensure an expedited and more reliable DVD authoring process. In addition, use Double Layer (DVD+R DL) media if the video exceeds 2 hours, and if possible, run the DepoView DVD Creator on an Intel Core2Duo PC to expedite the process.

    Can I import synchronized video transcripts and attached exhibits from DepoView DVDs into other applications?

    Yes. DepoView DVDs include import files for TrialDirector, CT Summation iBlaze and Enterprise, LiveNote, and Sanction. Once a DepoView DVD is imported, you can:
    • Play the DepoView DVD video and synchronized transcript
    • Create clips of the DVD-Video testimony
    • Export clips to MPEG format from the DVD-Video testimony (TrialDirector only)
    • Present DVD-Video testimony at trial
    • Display attached exhibits

    Can I use the DepoView DVD creator to burn a full day of deposition video on one DVD?

    Yes, if your PC/Mac is equipped with a drive capable of burning to Double Layer (DL) disks and you have DVD-R DL media (also known as DVD-9), you can select the Keep deposition on one DVD option in DepoView DVD Creator. To avoid transcoding, the deposition video must be less than 4.5 hours total.

    Can I use my company logo instead of the inData logo on DepoView DVD menus?

    Yes. Simply create a bitmap graphic that is 72 DPI and 280 x 120 pixels, name it Logo.bmp, and save it to the VendorData folder. In addition to replacing the logo, you can update your vendor contact information in the DepoView DVD Creator at any time.