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  • DepoView Data Storage

    Where does DepoView store data such as the Word Index, clip specs, or highlighting information? Our users install the application as opposed to running it from a DVD, if it matters. Thank you.

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    Thanks for using Ipro Community.

    At it's core, DepoView's purpose is to review depos from a single user session. If you need more info about Word Index, Clip in / out times and Highlight info - that data is usually stored under Roaming. Example:


    Any further information such as moving the reviewed depos / clip cuts to other computers and user profiles would fall under reverse-engineering some of the software components and data. Most of the data within Roaming is hashed. If the intent is to move that clipped data from computer to computer or windows profile to windows profile - that's not the intended purpose of DepoView. It's primary purpose is to review a deposition and export clips. Once the clips are exported as a regular format in Windows ( Filename.mpg or Filename.mp4 ) the user can then manually transfer clips from computer A to computer B. While users can present DepoView as-is in court or export clips to present in the courtroom, it's advised to use TrialDirector for presentation.
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      Thank you Chris. I needed the location for an I.T. audit.


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        Understood. Let us know if you need any further information.
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