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DepoView for iPad and OneDrive for Business

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  • DepoView for iPad and OneDrive for Business

    We are interested in using DepoView for iPad with our existing OneDrive Account. We see that DepoView for iPad supports integration with OneDrive, but it doesn't seem to allow us to connect with OneDrive. Whenever we try to connect to OneDrive, DepoView for iPad returns the error following error: "The Microsoft account doesn't exist". We know we are using the correct account sign in since we use it for all our Microsoft products. Our OneDrive account is a OneDrive for Business account rather than a standard OneDrive account. Does DepoView for iPad not support OneDrive for Business?

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    Thanks for using Ipro Community.

    DepoView for iPad is a free App and was not intended to be used with any type of business level App. Currently, DepoView for iPad can import from iTunes, OneDrive, Box or Dropbox but it's assumed any of these channels are standard or free accounts. Ipro may develop DepoView for iPad to be used in conjunction with business level accounts in the future but currently they can only operate within the framework of standard or free accounts.
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