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DepoView FAQs

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  • DepoView FAQs

    Can I run DepoView 6 and DepoView 5 on the same PC?


    How do I install DepoView or get a deposition volume to my Surface Pro?

    You can get a DepoView volume to a Windows Surface Pro by transferring it from DVD (if you have a USB or network capable DVD drive), via File Sharing application (i.e. Dropbox, GetMyFile, Google Drive etc.), or through a USB drive. Once you have the file on the Surface Device, you can simply double click on the Autorun file within the DepoView folder. This will download DepoView to that Surface device, and will allow you to use DepoView on that device. Please note a Wi-Fi connection is required to download DepoView to the Surface Pro device.

    What operating systems are supported for DepoView?

    DepoView will work correctly on systems running Windows 7, 8.1 and 10.