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DepoView for iPad FAQs

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  • David Drummond
    Thank you for choosing Ipro Community,

    In order to accomplish this, first, you would need to create a new Digital Video Transcript in TimeCoder Pro with the corrected transcript. Next, you will add the media. Then, you will need to export out a new Depoview for iPad file. (.DVI)
    There is not a way to replace the transcript within Depoview for iPad, unfortunately.

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  • nsmith
    Is there a way to remove a single transcript once it's in DepoView for iPad? I want to add a corrected version of a transcript and would like to remove the old version. It appears that my only option is to remove all of them and then add all of them back in. Is this correct? If so, it might be a good feature to add to be able to remove a transcript.

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  • Michael Farris
    started a topic DepoView for iPad FAQs

    DepoView for iPad FAQs

    What options are available for downloading my case content to DepoView for iPad?

    DepoView for iPad has added integration for Box, OneDrive, and Dropbox users to download their content into their cases. You can download synchronized digital video transcript archive files (*.DVI) or plain-text transcripts (XML, DVI) from your Box, OneDrive, and Dropbox accounts directly into DepoView for iPad cases.

    Can I add multiple volume depositions into DepoView for iPad?

    Yes, DepoView for iPad does allow you to import multiple volume depositions. Within DepoView for iPad, you can organize your depositions into separate case folders. Within each case folder you can store multiple depositions as long as there is enough storage on your iPad. To view the other volumes you have imported into a case, tap Depositions in the upper left corner of the screen within the case folder.

    Which deposition files types does DepoView for iPad accept?

    Accepted file types include DVI, DVT, OPENDVT XML and generic XML files. DVI and DVT files are created in TimeCoder Pro. OPENDVT XML files can be exported from TimeCoder Pro and other software applications for transcript use only. Ask your videographer or case recorder for a DepoView for iPad file.

    How do I export my edited video clips for presentation?

    Tap on the clip you would like to export. In the upper right portion of the screen you will see the export button. Tap this button and tap either the Email CCS File or the Email Video Clip button. Emailing the CCS file sends the video clip along with the corresponding transcript for use in TrialDirector. Emailing as a video clip simply sends an MP4 file.

    You may also export all your clips as group. From the main transcript view screen, tap the export button and press Email CCS File. All your clips from the transcript are attached to the email to be sent to the designated email address.

    Why do clips exported from DepoView for iPad play back out of sync in Windows Media Player?

    Video clips created in DepoView for iPad cannot be played back via Windows Media Player. The audio and video streams are out of sync, even though they are on sync within the DepoView for iPad app. This issue occurs because the media frameworks within Apple iOS 7 add a 1-2 second buffer into the video data and then utilizes metadata values to determine when to start and stop the video. Unfortunately, Windows Media Player does not utilize this metadata value as to start the video clip. Therefore, the audio stream will begin playback prior to the video stream. This issue does not occur with Apple QuickTime when installed on Windows 7 or 8 PCs, since the metadata is utilized. Therefore, we recommend using Apple QuickTime to playback clips exported from DepoView for iPad. Additionally, an alert has been added to DepoView for iPad indicating to use QuickTime for playback of clips.

    Can I use DepoView for iPad to attach transcripts to depositions videos?

    No, DepoView for iPad can only be used to view and create clips from transcripts and videos that have already been encoded and synchronized using TimeCoder Pro.

    With which versions of iOS can I use DepoView for iPad?

    DepoView for iPad can be used with Apple iOS 9 & 10. Earlier iOS versions are NOT supported.
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