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Is there a program that can point to a folder of PDFs and create an LFP? i.e. like Suite does?

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  • Is there a program that can point to a folder of PDFs and create an LFP? i.e. like Suite does?

    I used to work in Suite which could output a load file instead of loading the records but the programs I work in recently Eclipse SE, Eclipse, eCapture seem to need to go through processing/streaming/ingestion to output load files.

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    You are correct mmalone-CS the functionality to create load files directly in Suite instead of importing to the case has been deprecated from the newer products since it is possible to load the documents directly into review and work with the records directly within Ipro without having to load into another review platform via load file. SE would probably be the fastest way, after Suite, to generate the load file since it uses the imported image (Ingest Images) instead of generating a new one like eCapture does during processing.
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      I no longer have SE, I only eCapture and Eclipse Web (No streaming) so its tedious to process a folder of PDFs just because someone neglected to send a load file with them. I wish iConvert could do it or some other stand alone utility like that.


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        Understood. I don't know if you still have access to installation files for Eclipse SE ( they would be available on if your account has access), however, Eclipse Web concurrent licensing works with SE so SE could be installed and pointed to your authorization service for licensing and be used for this purpose. Just a thought.


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          Really?? Thanks, that is interesting to know. My current firm does not have SE installed anywhere, I don't think, I will have to ask.