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Is there a list of Native File types and their Descriptions

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  • Is there a list of Native File types and their Descriptions

    I am looking for a list of Native File Types, the numerical ID of the file type being ingested in eCapture, that gives a cross reference of Ipro's File Extension and Ipro's Native File type Description (MIme-type if you will) as it relates to the choices that you make in the including natives in the Export Sets creation in Eclipse Web.

    1557 = Adobe Acrobat (PDF) = .PDF


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    While we don't have an official document on this, you can get all of this information in your environment already. In your eCapture config database there is a table called StellentDefs that contains this information for every file type that Stellent can identify. I would check this table and see if it contains what you are looking for.


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      Thank you, I was able to retrieve this list and it is helpful!

      I am trying to see how it is a cross reference to file types we are selecting at production time to export or not. When you select the Natives to produce it is by type/Description I am trying to relate that to the StellantDefs->StellantID, how can I export the settings for an export set?