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Best Practices for Time Sync using VMware

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  • Best Practices for Time Sync using VMware

    Greetings All!

    This information you may find helpful if you run your machines using VMware, this again is specifically a guide for Best Practices for using VMware for Time Sync between your machines.

    Time Sync

    Keeping your machines in sync with each other is crucial to how the Ipro software works and communicates from one to another.

    Different methods can and could be used to keep time in sync, for example:

    NTP synchronization (for ESX, Active Directory Domain Controllers, Linux systems, network and other devices)
    Active Directory synchronization (for all other Microsoft Windows systems)
    VMware Tools synchronization that keeps synchronized VMs with hosts

    *Note that VM will take the first data from the host where they boot from.*

    Guest Time Sync

    For achieving accurate timekeeping in guest operating systems, there are two main issues to consider: correctly configuring time synchronization and avoiding excessive CPU and memory overcommitment. Time synchronization utilities are necessary to correct time drift introduced by hardware time drift and guest operating system time keeping imprecision. Excessive over-commitment can cause timekeeping drift at rates that are uncorrectable by time synchronization utilities. - Timekeeping best practices for Windows - Timekeeping best practices for Linux guests

    Windows w32time vs. VMware tools NTP -- Which one?

    Hope this helps!