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  • Your feedback - iconvert

    Ipro would like to update the file conversion list in iconvert. We would appreciate your feedback, for file formats we no longer need to support, as well as any file formats that you would like to see added to the list. Thank you in advance for your input. Here is the current list of file formats.
    • CaseCentral
    • Custom Data Format (export from LFP only)
    • DB/extWorks
    • DLF (next version getting ready to release will do Ringtail full to DLF including coding fields)
    • Doculex(3)
    • Doculex(5)
    • Documatrix (export only)
    • ETech load files
    • Introspect4 (export only)
    • Introspect5 (export only)
    • Ipro
    • Opticon load files
    • Ringtail
    • Summation
    • Trial Director
    • Visionary

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    Get rid of Doculex and Documatrix.
    It would be nice if the custom Data Format could export out attahids and parented values for people still using the nearly dead Summation iBlaze


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      it would be better if could handle multipage information from IMGinfo table of Summation and as well as if it could be consistant with generating the image keys. Instead of it creating a running number and then jumping to suffixes if it finds an entry for the next number.