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Important note about Ipro database updates

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  • Important note about Ipro database updates

    Since this applies to all Ipro products, I felt it would be best to put this in the general forum.

    In the past, when upgrading a configuration or case database for eCapture, Eclipse, or Allegro, there were stand-alone executable files for each application.

    However, beginning with the 2016.3.1 version of our products, the database updater has been consolidated into our E.A.S.E. application. The user guide for E.A.S.E. (available through MyIpro) walks through the process of upgrading case databases.

    As always, we prefer to work with clients directly to perform product upgrades, as they can be complex. If you find yourself in need of upgrading a case database to 2016.3.1 or later, though—for example, if a database from an older version was archived but needs to be restored and upgraded—it is important that you use the database updater through E.A.S.E. and not the stand-alone updaters. The individual executables will not apply all the needed changes to the case database.

    If you run into issues while upgrading, or would prefer that we work through the upgrade with you, please contact our support team and we'll be glad to get you scheduled with a member of our installation team!

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    To add, there are also SQL Generator files that are available for download from MyIpro. These contain the information for the database updates, while E.A.S.E. facilitates the update.