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Foldering Non-Discovery Documents

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  • Foldering Non-Discovery Documents

    Is it possible to create folders to organize the pleadings in a case that show up on Case Folders pane? If not in Non-Discovery Documents, is there another option?

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    Thank you for your inquiry. Just to make sure I understand, you want to mirror the folder structure from the way it was basically discovered? Do you have a screenshot or an example if this is incorrect?
    ​​​​​​​Andrew Coody
    Technical Support Engineer


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      Hi Kristine,

      Just a follow-up, what software are you referring too? Is this for Eclipse SE or Eclipse Web.


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        I am referring to Eclipse SE. Yes, I would like the folder structure from the back end to be visible in Eclipse Desktop.


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          Hello Kristine,

          At this time there is not a provision in Eclipse SE that would allow you to create a folder tree in the case folders view that would mirror what is on the backend on your storage disk.

          Non-discovery documents will always end up in that folder without any option to sort them further into their own folders from there.

          The only other method would be to bring those into the case as documents, create a private folder which will then allow you to drag them into the private folder. From there you can right click on the private folder and go to 'manage access' there is an option to give everyone access to it in which it will then show up as a public folder to everyone else that has access to that case.

          We are open to feature requests if you would like to submit one for additional functionality to organize case folders and non-discovery documents more akin to the folder structure on your disk:


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            If I was to create a document with hyperlinks that I could organize appropriately, would the links break if I published the case or crated a local replicated copy of the case? Is there a way to do this that would not break the link?


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              Hi Kristine,

              Eclipse SE does not handle hyperlinks and their functionality, unfortunately. In the Quick View, the hyperlinks will appear to have their hyperlinks and functionality maintained, but the actual links will not open the linked files or documents from within Eclipse SE's viewer.