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Bulk Tiffing produces excessive number of TIFF files

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  • Diego Iannitelli
    William thank you for contacting Ipro. It is recommended to upgrade to our latest release of Eclipse SE (2019.0.0). We have added enhancements for better extraction of EML files which may also yield better results when tiffing EML files. Unfortunately, without being able to test the data, it is difficult to determine if the issue encountered is data related or how Eclipse SE is handling the data.

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  • Bulk Tiffing produces excessive number of TIFF files

    We have natively ingested a lot of EML files into Eclipse SE (2017.4.2). As we wish to burn Bates numbers onto the pages we are using the Bulk Tiff capabilities in Eclipse.

    We have noticed a few EML files are not "Bulk Tiff friendly". When TIFFing some single page EML files will produce an excessive amount of TIFF files (60,000+ pages).

    These are an older cases where the data has already been natively ingesting into Eclipse SE. How can we continue to use Eclipse SE's Bulk Tiff capacities and avoid these EML files from producing so many TIFF files?

    William Eckert

    p.s. For future cases we will try to avoid this issue by pre-processing (and pre-tiffing) the documents before importing into Eclipse. I just am looking for a good way to avoid this mess for the data already loaded.