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  • Print Only Pages with Page Tag

    Hello! I was wondering if we can print only pages of a document with a Page-level tag? I know we can view only pages with tags but how do we print those? Can we print an entire group?

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    The way I found to do this is to create a saved search (under advanced search you can to this) and then print the search.


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      That still prints all pages of the document. What am I missing? I only want to print the pages that are tagged.


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        Hello, You would also be able to accomplish this by using the Production feature of Eclipse SE Admin and selecting the option for 'Print' and then using the 'Page level Exclusion' then using the options under Page-level inclusions. The documents would still need to be included under an advanced search.


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          Thank you. Was hoping for a simpler way for this attorney. But easier than a mock production.


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            In the Desktop, you can only print the "pages" of the document, one document at a time. When you de-select to Show all image keys, and only the tagged page(s) are displayed, you can then choose the option for current page or Current Page Range if more than one page is tagged within the document. I do not see any option for bulk printing of just the pages. The only bulk page option would have to be done in production. If this needs to output to paper, then the end-user would need Eclipse Print or the output could be PDF files, using the Page Level Inclusion Option for the pages tagged. If I was printing to PDF files, I would not Update the Production History.


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              Gotcha, that's really the only way that I'm aware of, because running an advanced search for page tags will bring back the entire document when attempting to print.. You do not need to write this back to production history or write the production numbers back at all.