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Deserialize error

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  • Deserialize error

    I have a user whose workstation is giving a “deserialize” error when she tries to access Eclipse. Her login works elsewhere as does her case load. It is just this machine.

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    Hey JulieLaboe,

    Typically the reason this happens is due to a file in the UserSettings folder has been corrupt. To reset this folder and open the case without error you would need to rename the following folder, you can browse to the location two different ways. Please rename the UserSettings folder to something such as UserSettings_OLD.



    C:\Users\CURRENT USER\AppData\Local\IProEclipse\UserSettings

    Next time you launch Eclipse SE, it will generate new UserSettings upon login and should allow your user to gain access on that machine again.


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      To fix this you would need to go to %localappdata% in file explorer, and then into "IproEclipse" the path should be very similar to C:\Users\YourWindowsUsername\AppData\Local\IProEclipse.

      Within this folder will be a folder called "UserSettings" if you rename this folder, I usually add "_OLD" on to the end of the folder name, it will reset your grid display to default so that it can load properly.