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Switching from Local to Remote Authorization

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  • Switching from Local to Remote Authorization

    At times you may need to switch from the option called "Local Authorization" to "Remote Authorization" in Eclipse SE. This is mainly done if you were to update your licenses to include the SE Streaming Module, SE Summation Migration Module or Scan Module.
    • Have all users log out of the software to avoid any lost work.
    • Make sure you have the Ipro Authorization Manager and Service installed (this will save time when re-authorizing), we recommend that this is installed to an application or apps server that is typically online 24/7. (See below for instructions on setting up the remote authorization).
    • Login to Eclipse SE Admin as a super administrator.
    • Contact Ipro Technical Support by Chat, Email, or Phone to have the authorization information reset.
    • Login to your authorization server (where the authorization service is installed).
    • Open the Ipro Auth Manager.
    • Select "Authorization Management" → "Remote Management" → Activate.
    • You will then need to head over to Eclipse SE Admin.
    • In the Upper Left Click "System Management" → "System Authorization"
    • Toggle the radio button for "Use Remote Authorization Service"
    • Make sure you have your authorization servers IP Address in the IP Address field under "Remote Auth".
    • Click "Test Connection" and then once it states successful you can click "Save" and then click "Ok".
    • You should be able to access all of the options under Case Management.
    • Please remember if you are adding the SE Streaming Module you will want to close out and re-open Admin prior to ingestion.
    Installing and Configuring the Remote Authorization Service.
    Ipro Authorization 2017.3.4 Installation Guide.pdf
    • Download "Authorization 2017.3.4 Install & Documentation" from
    • Unzip the contents into a folder.
    • Run the setup.exe.
    • During setup it will request both the serial number and client number as well as the IP address you would like to use for authorization. The serial number and client number can be obtained from MyIpro or from Support/CSR.
    • We recommend that you setup the IP address to the LAN (Local Area Network) IP Address, typically located by using CMD and typing in "Ipconfig"
    • If the serial number has been cleared, when the authorization service starts it will automatically attempt to activate the serial number.
    • If not you will need to have that reset by support first, then open the Ipro Auth Manager.
    • Select "Authorization Management" → "Remote Management" → Activate.
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