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Redactions to rotated images

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  • Redactions to rotated images

    We applied redactions to images which we had to be rotate so they were correctly oriented to read top to bottom (portrait - sorry if this isn't as clearly expressed as it could be) . Unfortunately, when the production is run, the image is printing back in the original orientation (clockwise 45 degrees) so the redacted part of the document is no longer redacted. How can we fix this without printing and redacting manually, outside Eclipse via Adobe? Thanks for any advice.

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    When you are running a production under the Endorsement Options you have the option to switch from "Portrait" to "Match Image Orientation", also depending on your settings you will also have the option you can check under image options to "Apply View Rotation".


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      Thank you. I tried running a production of the images at issue (they were all jpeg files attached to e-mails) using all three Page Layout options but none of those worked either. Very odd.


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        Hmmm, if this is still happening I would recommend to send in a support ticket so we can take a look at this for you. You can send that to