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SpliT PDF after loading to Eclipse

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  • SpliT PDF after loading to Eclipse

    I received 10 PDF'S to load into Eclipse. I have done so. The attorney has reviewed and marked these documents. Now they would like them Split into Documents instead of Large PDF files. Is this possible?

    I was told the PDF needed to be split prior to loading to eclipse.

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    You will be able to split these PDF's inside the software. You will have to highlight 1 of the 10 PDF's at a time. After each one is selected you will need to right click and select the Split Document option in the list that appears. That will bring up a new window and in this window is where you will decide the page breaks and how you want to split the documents up. Once all that is set you will hit Commit Changes and then you will now have more than 10 PDF documents inside the case one you do that on each document.
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      I'd recommend that you "postpone indexing" until you are done with the splitting and re-index when you are done. The process will be much faster.


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        Julie, I would agree, we also recommend to run a full rebuild of the index and repair of the databases when you are heavily unitizing documents to make sure to maintain a good case.