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manually distributed Bulk OCR model

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  • manually distributed Bulk OCR model

    Hello Team Ipro! What is the ‘official’ Ipro opinion now or advice for running the Bulk OCR in a manually distributed model? I have a large Case that I would like to “chunk” up on different ADMIN stations for faster OCR work and of course want the old school Ipro Suite Client/Server OCR built into SE...

    Can anyone share pros/cons/thoughts/feelings/jokes** on this topic with me…Ü

    **for those friends who keep emailing me = the purpose of this post was to document in writing the ‘bad karma’ behind this activity for a colleague, hence the “pros/cons/jokes” reference above

    **thank you team Ipro!
    **thank you old friends!
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    I see that you are looking to OCR a large case as quickly as possible using multiple Admin sessions. We would not recommend to OCR one case in multiple Admin session, the reason for that we will be locking the database where we place the OCR while the OCR process is running. However what you can do is create some searches, export an LFP and then import the images into a new case, you can then run the OCR process on different cases and then export/import into the main database. If you would like to split the OCR up by Page Count you can run a Case Data Summary report on your searches to confirm how many pages each one would be.


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      Cool beans!! Thank you sir! That was what I wanted to know. May I please request again the enhancement request of the old-school Ipro Suite Client/Server'ish logic or methods for a distributed or multi threaded Bulk OCR processing method into SE? thank you sir!


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        I've submitted this feature request on your behalf to the product team, these requests are no longer handled by support and will be reviewed by the product team. Feature requests can now be submitted directly to the product team through the support service desk by logging into the service desk at You will need to fill out all of the required fields and then click send to submit the feature request.