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Converting Summation Pro Cases to Eclipse SE

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  • Converting Summation Pro Cases to Eclipse SE

    Has anyone converted cases from Summation Pro to Eclipse SE? I would like to know if there is a different process than converting from Summation Iblaze. From Summation Iblaze if I am not using the migration tool, I create a dii file that is then converted to an LFP and then also create a CSV file to load the data. Is the same to convert Summation Pro cases or is there a different method for the cases in Summation Pro

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    Based on the information I was able to find this would be the best practice as the migration tool does not work with Summation Pro and only with Summation iBlaze. The LFP file will provide Eclipse SE the image page level information and the CSV file would contain the document database fields, natives, and extracted text.


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      Hi Kirstin, As Andrew stated, this is the only option for moving data from Summation Pro to SE. The client needs to be aware that they will lose any redaction overlays vs. the Summation Migration tool. If they have redacted documents than you would need to export the produced image set too.