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    I would like to create a Privlege Report of the page-level tags. I have tagged the documents in the 'Page Tags' tab. When I go to print the report I deselect the privilege box and select the desired tags. I select 'include page tags' and I select 'include page-level details'. Still when I print the report, I only get the document level tags listed. Is there something I am missing?

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    The report contains 2 fields with document numbers, of course the Begdoc field and a field called Image Key which is included when you select the page tag options. The Image Key field contains the "Page ID/number" for the pages tagged. You will have to delete the Begdoc field after you export to a CSV.


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      Thanks Terri. What I was missing was that I didn't select the 'include readaction reasons' box which kept the selection 'summarize detail by document'. I wasn't getting the Image Key field as you suggested. Got it now.