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How to add "file path" column to load file

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  • How to add "file path" column to load file

    The file that I am working on now is outsourced to us (paper to scan to PDF and export). And the client is requesting us to add a "file path" column in the load files. Is this possible in eScan-IT?

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    Hi Joseph,

    You should be able to accomplish this by adding a coding field through Admin → Project Options → Coding Fields → New Coding field. You will need to manually code this field, but you will be able to select this field during export.


    • JosephPampliega
      JosephPampliega commented
      Editing a comment
      Thanks, Andrew! I thought of that. But the file I am working now was outsourced to us. It is a paper scan to PDF. And the file path, since it is not native file, won't make sense when I sent them the files since, whatever file path I generate will point back to my local desktop. I was hoping there's a workaround. Or if there isn't any, at least, I can tell the end-user that I've exhausted possibilities to make their request possible.

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    By default the export will include a volume line at the top of the load file that would include the path on your system, and then each line or image path will have a volume. If you do not want to have your local path listed in the load file you can use the option on the last step of the export which is "Replace Export Path with the following Drive Letter / Path" option.