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Importing PDFs

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  • Importing PDFs

    I am having problems importing PDF directly into Eclipse (slows down the case database) so I have been sending them through eScan-it to tiff them. The problem is that this firm does not number their documents consecutively. Is there any way that we can select the option to 'use filename' as in Eclipse Native ingestion to number the documents?

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    When you are performing a Native or Image Ingestion in Eclipse SE, you can select the option to use the files' names for the BegDoc. As long as there file names end in numbers and the BegDoc is not already in use, then there should be no issue.


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      I usually do that in Eclipse, but recently I have been having problems with Native PDFs imported into Eclipse and the long delay from switching from one document to the other, so I am running them through eScan-IT. What I'm asking is, is there a way that we can select something like the option to use the file name in eScan-IT?


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        Unfortunately no there is no way to use the filename during EDD with eScan-IT. However going back to the reason why you are using eScan-IT, there was a recent upgrade released for Eclipse SE that addressed issues with PDF files. Have you tried that new version yet?


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          Yes. I have and it has solved the issue of slowing down the database to view the documents however, I still have an issue with the filename. I usually use the ENDDOC field and they are never the same as what is on the documents we receive.


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            If you are receiving documents from anywhere else and are not processing original files, then you should use a load file to ensure the information is the same. We calculate ENDDOC values a specific way, and this might be different from other engines and tools. So if you already have BEGDOC and ENDDOC numbers for records, ingesting them is not the correct workflow.