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Coding form dropping entry

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  • Coding form dropping entry

    I have been doing a large scan, and have been entering the document title in the coding form as I go along so I don't forget what each one is called. When I look back, however, eScan-IT seems to have dropped the information that I entered in the documents ahead of the one I am scanning? Can you think of any reason for this?

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    My first thought, is that your coding field (Document title) is setup to to be repeating in the project options. That selection automatically repeats the previously entered value into all subsequent documents. Please let us know if changing the repeating value to False for that field is the answer.


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      The Field is set up as follows: Type: Text String Single Entry; Required: False; Repeating: False
      I made sure to at least complete the scanning of the current document and beginning some of the next before entering information into the coding field. When I went back later in the project and checked my entries... they would simply be gone.