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Where do I find Prep Sheets for eScanIT?

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  • Where do I find Prep Sheets for eScanIT?

    1. Click the eScan-IT button and choose Print > Print Prep Sheets.

    2. Select the boundary level that the prep sheets need to be marked with and click OK.

    3. When prompted, enter the number of prep sheets to print. For example, if you are making prep sheets for the Folder level and you see 6 folders in the box, print 6 sheets (copies).

    4. Repeat this process to print enough prep sheets for each boundary level in your project. For example, if the box contains folders, documents, and attachments, you need to perform this procedure three times: once for each type of boundary.

    Scanning with Prep Sheets

    From your configured scanner’s dialog, ensure the DPI is set to a minimum of 200 when using Prep Sheets.

    Prep sheets enable you to automatically mark the boundary level as you scan pages into your job. This helps ensure the accuracy of the scanning process, and eliminates the need to manually set the boundary for each item you scan.

    Special markings on the top of the prep sheet tell eScan-IT that the piece of paper is a prep sheet. When eScan-IT sees the prep sheet, it applies the boundary level marked on the prep sheet to the first image in the stack and treats the pages that follow it as pages.

    Prep sheets may be used for both black & white and color scanning.

    You must print the prep sheets directly from eScan-IT. Photocopying slightly alters the size and position of the markings so that eScan-IT cannot recognize the prep sheets. When this happens, the prep sheets are scanned into the batch as if they were part of a document.

    Print enough prep sheets for each boundary level so that you can insert the rep sheets in front of each stack of paper to be scanned. For example, if you have about 20 folders in a box, and each folder has about 5 main documents, you would print one prep sheet for the Box boundary level, 20 prep sheets for the Folder boundary level, and 100 prep sheets for the Document boundary level.

    You cannot use two consecutive prep sheets. In other words, use a Parent Document prep sheet for the first document in a folder; don’t use a Folder prep sheet followed by a Parent Document prep sheet.

    During preparation, disassemble the papers and insert a prep sheet in front of each document and folder to be imaged. During imaging, eScan-IT marks the images according to the boundary level marked on the prep sheet.