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eScan-IT dropping pages on export

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  • eScan-IT dropping pages on export

    So I'm getting a series of errors when exporting a large pdf. "error retrieving image" is the error report. Out of 341 pages it drops between 49 and 67 pages. I've repeated this twice on the same document and yielded errors on different pages. The only change made between importing and exporting is having the pages be branded in sequential order on the bottom right corner of each page. Any ideas on how to insure no pages are dropped?

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    The error you are getting indicates eScan-IT is having an issue pulling the images from the project directory (where the images and data for the batch reside).

    It appears you have already contacted Support on this issue, and copying the files locally appears to prevent the issue from occurring.

    Typically, these type of issues are caused by permission/access-related changes, or network connectivity issues. Individual Windows folders can have a change in permission, causing eScan-IT to encounter a problem during retrieval. However, this probably would have been an issue when you initially imported -- but we do not want to rule this out.

    If you are having network connectivity issues to the drive, it could explain why the amount of pages drop out is different each time.

    I suggest to investigate your connection to the file share server where your data lives, and see if there are any drops in connection.

    Let us know what you find!

    Thank you
    - Cody