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Altering Document Boundaries Post-Scanning

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  • Altering Document Boundaries Post-Scanning

    I was working with a client earlier today who wanted to do some post processing in Copy+. Specifically they wanted to add in document boundaries to split up documents and folders. Normally the method you would use to apply boundaries would be to use the Display Bindings button, but this only applies to the next scanned document and not the document you currently are looking at. To apply a new boundary to the document of your choice, first you must ensure that the page you want to apply it to is a loose document or staple document.


    Bindings cannot be applied to images marked as pages. Then you will want to click on the modify button while Image is selected. It should look like this:


    You should see the following screen:


    If you see another screen, then you are not looking at the first page of a document or it is not set to be the first page of a document. From this menu click on bindings and you will be able to apply the bindings you would like!