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How do I find Prep Sheets for Copy+?

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  • How do I find Prep Sheets for Copy+?

    Printing Prep Sheets

    Ipro Copy+ Prep Sheets are used to mark document boundaries types (Staple Document, Single Pages, Loose Document, or None). Prep Sheets take the place of manually selecting the boundary types from the Main Scanning screen.

    Print the Prep Sheets on pastel color paper such as pale yellow, pale pink, pale blue, and so on. The system may not be able to interpret the markings on the Prep Sheet if darker color paper is used. The pastel color sheets help to easily distinguish the Prep Sheet from the regular documents when grouped together.

    When using Prep Sheets, ensure that each Prep Sheet is printed directly from the Utility. Photocopied Prep Sheets may be interpreted as regular documents rather than Prep Sheets.

    1. From the Ipro Copy+ Main Program screen, TAP Utilities to display the Utilities Menu.

    2. TAP Print Prep Sheets to open the Print Prep Sheet Utility.

    3. Do the following:

    • Select a Prep Sheet Boundary Type.
    • Select the Number of Copies

    4. TAP Print to print the Prep Sheet to a previously configured Printer. If necessary, indicate any Miscellaneous Instructions by writing them in the box. Keep within the borders of the box to avoid the system
    incorrectly interpreting the Prep Sheet as a regular document.