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Windows 8/8.1/Server 2012/10 - How to completely disable User Account Control

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  • Windows 8/8.1/Server 2012/10 - How to completely disable User Account Control

    ***WARNING! Changes to the Windows Registry may cause undesirable results to the system or compromise system stability/security. This change is only meant to be done by a trained professional with experience in Windows Operating Systems and Windows Registry. A backup of the Windows Registry is ALWAYS recommended before making changes.

    When using Copy+, a common issue can be User Account Control (UAC) that prevents the software from interacting with certain registry keys, folders, etc. in the environment. Often times, disabling UAC can help with these permission issues.

    Normally, UAC is disabled by going to Control Panel -> User Accounts -> User Accounts -> Change User Account Control settings (requires Administrator permission) and setting the slider to 'Never Notify' (bottom). However, in later Windows Operating Systems (8/8.1/Server 2012/10), this is not enough.

    To fully disable, you can access the Registry Key that controls UAC and set it to 0.

    This can be done by going opening the registry (regedit.exe), and going to the following Registry Key:


    On the System subkey, you can then look for the DWORD value called 'EnableLUA'. This can be modified to 0, which will disable completely.

    You may see an alert icon in the bottom right corner when this happens. To have the change take full effect, restart the computer.

    - Cody