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Combining Documents into a PDF with Bookmarks

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  • Combining Documents into a PDF with Bookmarks

    1. From the IPRO Copy+ main menu or the IPRO Copy+ QC main menu, TAP the Utilities button.

    2. TAP the Export PDFs button to display the PDF Export Options dialog box.

    3. Under Image File Creation, select the option Combine Documents with Binding Element.

    4. Select one binding element.

    For example, in your collection you started a Pendaflex, scanned/imported two folders with documents, and then stopped the Pendaflex. Therefore, you would select the Pendaflex binding element.

    5. Select the option Bookmark PDFs and TAP the Bookmark Options button to display the PDF Bookmark Export Options dialog box.

    6. Under Bookmark Options select the following options:

    Open PDFs with Bookmarks Expanded to view all the bookmarks in the Adobe Bookmark panel. Otherwise, the bookmarks will appear collapsed.

    Use Description as Bookmark Text

    Use Image Key if Description is Blank

    7. Under Bookmark Placement, select the option Each Checked Binding Element.

    8. Select one or more binding elements.

    For example, you would select the Folder binding element because there are two folders "between the stop and start Pendaflex as shown in the example under step 4.

    9. Click Exit to close the PDF Bookmark Export Options dialog box.

    10. Select additional options from the PDF Export Options dialog box and export the collection.

    When you view the PDF in Adobe Acrobat, the bookmark panel will show the Folders.

    From the November 30 2007 IPRO Tech Client Services Tip of the Day

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    Wow—that was from 2007! But the logic still applies today!

    The need to create a ‘folder’ level PDF that is named the folder name + includes specific PDF bookmarks + needs to be searchable!

    Or searchable PDFs scanned at a TAB level + named that specific TAB name + includes PDF bookmarks + etc etc

    Can all be accomplished by slightly adjusting this same workflow

    we do recommend that you choose a binding element that you will not use within another binding element + choose a unique element for PDF bookmarks

    and we highly recommend that you run a manifest report beforehand to check your work prior to the export