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IPRO Tech products and TWAIN Driver Compatibility

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  • IPRO Tech products and TWAIN Driver Compatibility

    Not all TWAIN drivers are the same. The feature sets included in TWAIN driver implementations may vary. TWAIN drivers with limited feature sets go by names such as Virtual TWAIN Driver and Push TWAIN Driver. These types of drivers are not fully compliant TWAIN drivers.

    Specific TWAIN functionality is required for use with IPRO Tech Products.

    If you are using IPRO Copy+, ensure the TWAIN driver has the following functionality:
    • It must allow the User dialog interface to be disabled.
    • It must allow programmatic control of settings and initiate scanning of images with programmatic controls using standard TWAIN interface functions
    All other IPRO Tech products require the following TWAIN driver functionality:

    It must be able to scan and transfer native image files (DIB) to the calling application via the TWAIN interface versus scanning images to a network directory, folder, or mailbox.

    Please verify that the scanner or multifunction digital copier/printer/scanner you plan to use with IPRO Tech Products supports the required TWAIN functionality.

    From the June 7 2007 IPRO Tech Client Services Tip of the Day

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    still valid today