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Using Ipro View with Concordance.

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  • Using Ipro View with Concordance.

    The typical setup for this is going to be to open Concordance → Tools → Preferences, then click the 'Viewer' tab.
    • Normally the setup would be for "All Users" and "All Databases" but this is personal preference.
    • The viewer setting would be the 'IPRO' selection.
    • The application path is normally "C:\Program Files (x86)\Ipro Tech\Suite\i2kprem.exe" if it is a local installation, if it is a server installation (8.6) you can point to the i2kprem.exe on the server.
    • The last setting is the "Viewer CPL" which would be set to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Ipro Tech\Suite\CONC_CPL\ddeiview.cpl" for local installations.

    If these settings are setup and clicking the Camera icon to launch the viewer from Concordance does not open Ipro View, the next thing I would check would be to make a file called IproTest.ipr, you can then double click this to see if it opens Ipro View or not. If it does not and it asks for a default program please set this to the i2kprem.exe. Then re-launch Concordance and try again.