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How do I find Prep Sheets for Premium Scan?

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  • How do I find Prep Sheets for Premium Scan?

    Print Prep Sheets Utility

    Use the Ipro Premium Scan Print Prep Sheets Utility to print Ipro Tech Prep Sheets. Ipro Tech Prep Sheets are used to mark document boundaries, assign Issue Tag flags, indicate level codes, and so on. They can be used alone or in conjunction with the Scan Panel dialog boxes. The data on the Prep Sheet is from the Scan project setup definitions defined at Scan Project setup time.

    1. Choose Utilities > Print Prep Sheets from the menu bar in the Ipro Premium Scan Main Menu window.

    2. Double-click a project from the list.

    3. Do one of the following:
    • Select Print to File to generate a prep sheet .TIF file. Click Print Prep Sheet. The Select Output Filename dialog box appears. Navigate to a directory, accept or change the default filename (i2kprep.tif) for the Prep Sheet, and click Save.
    • Click Select Printer to opens the Select Printer Driver dialog box
    Select a printer from the drop-down list. If there are no printers in this list, set up a printer using the Add Printer Wizard in Microsoft Windows before you continue.

    4. Select the options as follows:

    Project: Shows the selected project. This field cannot be edited.

    Prep Sheet Type: Select the Prep Sheet you want to use.

    Boundary: Select the Boundary you want the printed Prep Sheet to display. Single Page Parent or Single Page Child

    Mod Key: When selected, the Mod Key will automatically be populated on the printed Prep Sheet.

    Include Project Name on Prep Sheet: Prints the project name in the upper left portion of the Prep Sheet.

    Use Generic Issue Tag Labels: Overrides the selected option in the Prep Sheet Type.

    Print to File: Prints the Prep Sheet to a file called I2KPREP.TIF.

    5. Click Print Prep Sheet. The Number of Copies dialog box appears

    6. Type the number of copies.

    7. Click OK. The Prep Sheet prints out with the selected options.

    8. Click Exit. You return to the Ipro Premium Scan Prep Sheet Utility main window.