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IPRO Tech Suite: Tracking Changes

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  • IPRO Tech Suite: Tracking Changes

    You can track changes made within IPRO Tech Suite by enabling the Transaction History option in the Systems Options dialog box.

    To access this option, do the following:
    1. Start the Launcher (version 8.6).
    2. Choose Configure and Load > Configuration Program from the menu bar.
    3. From the IPRO Tech Configuration program menu bar, choose Settings > Set System Level Options.
    4. Select the option, Transaction History.
    5. Click OK.
    Whenever an IPRO View user adds/modifies/deletes redactions, highlights, sticky notes, etc., an LFP file is created and named after the date in YYYYMMDD format.

    As changes are made, the LFP file is updated.

    The LFP file is located in a transaction history subdirectory. These subdirectories (one for each type) are located under the Project's Name in the designated project database directory.

    For example, C:\IPRO PROJECTS\DEMO\HISTREDT, where IPRO PROJECTS is the project database directory, DEMO is the name of the project, and HISTREDT is where the .LFP files are stored for redaction changes that were made to the project.

    From the ​​​​​​​March 28, 2008 IPRO Tech Client Services Tip of the Day