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OCR Module: error codes

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  • OCR Module: error codes

    Common Ipro OCR Module Errors:

    1. No OCR Text could be extracted from this image - The engine could not find any recognizable characters that make up words

    2. Error extracting wordlist - Normal this means only single characters, usually 3 or less were found on the whole page so we could not build the word offsets

    3. OCR Add Page Error: Out of Memory - Either the machine ran out of memory, or the image created a problem with the engine or it is a very large and dark image and there is limited available memory on the computer running OCR

    4. OCR Timed Out - The maximum minutes set for a page timeout was reached without getting an OCR result, so we close and restart the engine

    5. OCR segment error: Invalid OCR Segment - The engine could not distinguish text from graphics on the page, this is just an OCR failure at an earlier stage than the actual OCR processing of text. The page would not have OCR'd and could have eventually returned one of the above messages

    6. OCR Process error - The engine failed on processing OCR, this could be do to a image that will not OCR correctly and caused an internal engine error.

    7. OCR Save Text Error - Is a common error message encountered when spreadsheets and "grid like" images are being processed. No valid characters can be saved due to the complexity of the image.

    8. Unable to Access - It could not access the image

    9. OCR Recognition Error - The OCR engine failed trying to determine if there was text on the page or not. If it could find text, then we would get no text found.